School Counselors

Mission Statement
Our mission as counselors at Highland Elementary is to provide services for students to meet their academic, career, and social/emotional needs. Our mission is to create a nurturing and safe environment by creating inclusive spaces and advocating for diversity. This is accomplished through collaboration with parents/guardians, staff, and community members to ensure the success and achievement of all our students.

Services Provided

  • Individual Counseling
    Involves one-on-one counseling between the counselor and student. Topics include academics, mental health concerns, and career/college.

  • Small Group Counseling
    Involves two-or-more students and the counselor in a counseling setting. Topics range from academics, problem-solving skills, grief/loss, anger management, self-esteem, etc. Small group counseling allows students to make connections with other students and build social relationships.

  • Classroom Guidance
    Involves facilitating lessons in a classroom setting, on topics that meet the needs of the students.

  • Consultation
    Involves meeting with parents and/or teachers to collaborate on a plan to help the student succeed.

For more information, please contact Lillian Castellano via email or phone (561) 202-0536 or contact Samantha Pino via email or phone (561) 202-0516.

School Counselors: Lillian Castellano, left, and Samantha Pino, right.