Parent Center

Highland Parent Center Mission Statement

The Highland Parent Center (HPC) is a place for the parents and caregivers of our students, where they can connect with the school’s parent liaison and staff and engage in a more active role in their child’s education. At Highland we Care, Value, and Respect the integral role of the parent/caregiver in the home and believe in providing a strong link between parents and teachers so they can become partners in cultivating their children’s academic success.

At the HPC, parents can take part in grade level support workshops, parent leadership education and student advocacy. Also at the HPC we will assist parents in providing referral service to Bridges at Highland for family support needs that are beyond the academic education umbrella.

Parents are Leaders

Parents are Advocates

Parents are Powerful

For more information please contact:
Jessy with Parents

Yecenia "Jessy" Paredes
Parent Liaison/Volunteer Coordinator

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[email protected]


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